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Drink if You (DIY) was a thought in the  ether smaller than you were in your daddy's underpants many years ago. That was, until one day, two friends, bored to death during the Rona, came up with a way to make the monotonous weekends fly by. 

We were bored, tired, and house parties just weren't the same as we grew out of our college days. We wanted a way to reinvigorate the inner degenerate inside of us, the bad decision maker that used to wake up in the bushes after a night long of shots and still make it to class.

So we came up with a game designed to force your boring friends to have fun and to learn their darkest secrets along the way. 

So come along with us and let our your inner party animal and buy our game because if you don't, we will have to work until we are 70 and we just aren't about that life. 

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