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Elevate your night from quiet house party to provocative night in

Looking to spice up tired nights of beer pong and keg stands? Want to add a some more variety to your black outs? DIY (Drink If You) is the ultimate party game entertain your guests and invite your best stories. Each card prompts your friends to spill their truth (and hopefully not their drink) and recall some of their more memorable tales while drinking their way to a good time. For each applicable statement,  the players sip one, two, or three times depending on the severity of the offense with some of the more provocative cards inviting an explanation.

Topics ranging from basic to juicy  and are a great icebreaker to get to know someone or learn even more about your closest circle. So you think you know your friends and have heard their stories three times each, but did you know that Cornelius believes in demonic possession? Or that Teddy was invited to be a guest in the bedroom? With over 300 cards (and expansions to come), DIY provides long lasting fun for many nights. Especially if you forget everything the next day!   

DIY gameplay

Everyone must start with 7 cards (the number of women I struck out with last week)

Last person to perform the act of coitus goes first. #humblebrag

Each round, you play one card you think most applies to the group of people you are playing with.

Replenish played cards to keep 7 in your hand. Drink if the card applies to you (even if you played it).


Sip rules: 1 for green cards, 2 for yellow and 3 for red.

Each round you can burn as many cards as you find inapplicable to your group, keeping 7 in hand at all times.


Keeping score: Every time you drink, mark 1 tally per sip

At the end of the game, the player with the highest score has the most interesting life and thus wins.


Or don’t keep score, we don’t care.

Just play our game and make your friends buy it too.

Goal of the game: make your friends drink, learn some stuff about them, and party hardy.

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